Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The absense, I'm sorry things have been crazy.

It's been a long time (believe me I don't want to look at the gas prices picture anymore either). And for my loyal four readers I sincerely apologize. In my defense I've been incredibly busy. I stopped working for the Mahoney Group in December and took a new job with Eli Lilly (not to be confused with Cotton Gin creater Eli Whitney). This was a job that I had been after for quite some time. I'm happy to have it. The past three weeks have I've spent studying Osteoporosis and a wonder drug called Cymbalta. It hasn't been anything but extremely stressful.

We moved our belongings (Brooke, myself and our newly acquired puppy, Maeby) to Arizona. We'll live in Lake Havasu full time after I return from training in Indianapolis.

Let's see, today is the day before Christmas, and its almost time for "Christmas Eve". The weather is cold outside and a storm is on its way. I welcome it. It's been a long year and I just want to duck under the blanketing storm and rest for a little bit.

This year has been full, Brooke and I are married, with Olive due in a little over a month. I've been through four different jobs finally getting the one I had been after since the beginning of January. I've moved to Utah and now from Utah.

I'm very happy. I'm so happy to be with Brooke, to be having a little daughter. Happiness I suppose doesn't come close to the feeling I have for Brooke and Olive. I have such an immense gratitude for both of them. Stress has distracting me from truly realizing how lucky I am. I hope whoever reads this is having a little bit of the same fortune as I have this year. I promise lots more posts. I have good stories and I intend to share them.

Merry Christmas.