Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've spent a little time thinking about this post. I got a text today that said "I'm going to put Hinckley to sleep this afternoon."

Sometime in 2001 Hinckley entered my life. During a Family Home Evening at the Santa Cruz church building a girl named Beth brought in a few kittens to give away. When everyone had left, Amy (Who I was dating at the time) was holding one of the kittens.

Amy named her Hinckley because she was little and Gray (We didn't know she was a girls yet) after the late prophet.

The first great gift that Hinckley shared with the world was ringworm. Kittens are adorable, they're little and fun to play fight with (their razor claws haven't matured). Everyone wanted to hold her and cuddle with her.

It started showing up, ringworm on my roommates, Amy's roommates, my friend colleen and her daughter (I never had the courage to admit that her daughter got ringworm from my cat).

My boss at the time told me one day that he had this bad rash on his stomach, which made me laugh because he said he didn't like cats.

When she was very little she would nestle herself into a blanket and suckle it.

Soon enough the cute kitten became a ferocious feline. She terrorized all around her by allowing them the opportunity to stroke her only to turn on them with ninja quick reflexes. Her adamantium claws would shred the flesh of any who would dare overstay their welcome.

Bear, my best friend, an 85 pound pit bull mix was terrified of this animal that was one tenth his size.

I know it was a hard day today as Hinckley was put to sleep. My hope is that she has a little blanket to suckle and an unsuspecting angel in heaven to absolutely tear into celestial ribbons.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Have to Say I am a Lucky Man

This past weekend was wonderful in some respects and difficult in others. Brooke and I went to Santa Cruz with Olive. We visited Brandy Rose Sanders. We stayed at the Wilson, visited with Mikey and Alena. We got to even see mom Chidester.

Despite the recent hardship we now must face I needed to say how lucky I am. I am so blessed with an amazing wife and a breath takingly beautiful daughter. We face so much uncertainty right now. Seeing Brooke and Olive I have so much hope.

We had a long drive home on Monday. From Santa Cruz to Lake Havasu it's about nine hours. We drove almost the entire way without music or other distractions. When was the last time you spent one, two or even nine hours in a car with someone and not feel the need to fill the time with outside sounds?

We laughed, we talked a bit about how we're going to make it each month while having to send $2,000 of our income away. (Another story for another time) We spent sometime just talking about our life, how far we've come and what our plans are.

I loved it. Reflecting on it now I'm in awe of how perfect Brooke has been for me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I got hosed

As part of my new job I drive to Henderson, NV each week. Today was no exception. I drove two plus hours, visited doctors, and then checked into the Hilton Garden Inn.

As I was settling into the evening (watching American Idol) I got a call from the front desk.

"Mr. Barragan do you have a black Chevy Impala?" I told him that I did. "We need you to come out and identify it. Its been hit by another car."

Crap. Really? Really my car just got hit?

I left my room and walked to the front desk

Chris: "My car was hit by another car?"

Steve: "I'm sorry I don't know what your talking about"

Chris: "You just called me down here to identify my car"

Steve: "I think someone is playing April fools joke on you."

And he was right.

Brooke you did it.

I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.