Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roommates Revisited

Today I shared with a classmate in Indianapolis my blog and more specifically "Roommates". If you haven't seen it, its nothing special. It was a short Craig and I did during the summer last year.

There's a scene at the end of the short where Craig's character is drowning me in the pool. He has a reflective moment of all the good things about our relationship.

We purposely filmed scenes showing the friendship we had. In editing Craig decided to include an outtake. It was such an honest moment.

That few seconds really encapsulated my relationship with Craig. We laugh, that's what we do. I've known him for over fifteen years and that's what we do.

It may sound mooshy but if I had to take only one memory with me of Craig and my friendship, I'm glad its on film.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Week at Lilly's Lair

So it's 8:50 am on the east coast. I'm no where near the coast, I'm in Indianapolis. I've been here since the 5th of January training for Eli Lilly (not the cotton gin inventor). This morning we had three test covering Depression (100%), Fibromyalgia (100%) and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (70%, not so good).

So guess who'll be back tomorrow morning to hopefully pass the Fibromyalgia test?

Chris Barragan.

Indianapolis hasn't been great, but it hasn't been that bad either. I've had some good food, and there's been a lot of learning which I am really enjoying. Really the hardest thing has been being away from Brooke. It sucks man. I want to just be home and to just know that I could waste a day just hanging out.

Oh, it's been cold here, it was -10 degrees last week. -10!!!! What the heck?! The wind chill brought it to a balmy -30. Which is awesome. I learned very quickly that you don't open your mouth when it's anywhere under -5. Good times.

I went to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis on Saturday. Great place if you have kids, not so great if you're a 30 year old chubby man. I must have looked like someone Chris Hansen is looking for on "To Catch a Predator"

I went because they had an exhibit on comic books. It turned out to be really lame (growing up a huge comic book fan it was a real let down, it was more for kids so I understood)

I left probably 20 minutes after getting there so $15 well spent. I gave my ticket to a couple and they were pretty stoked.

My classroom has a industrial view of the city (lots of factories in our area) you can see where the Colts play from the class.

It's quiet right now because we just finished our test. I think I'm gonna play some Beavers and Ducks, I like that song and so should this class.

And then there's this guy...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hold Me Closer Tiny Snowman

We're moving to Arizona soon. In fact we just sent January's rent to our landlords. I'll miss the snow. Last year was my first real winter.

I grew up in Half Moon Bay and the only memory of snow was a childhood trip Tahoe where I destroyed some family's igloo sledding.

But winter of 2008 was just that, winter. We had snow and lots of it. The winter ran clear into May (the 15th we still had snow falling in the valley). As early as labor day it had returned.

I love it. I love the white, I love how it covers everything. I love getting crazy in the car on slippery roads.

Let's go over some of the highlights:

Sledding with the Ellermeier's (my first time since the Tahoe Igloo fiasco)

Snowboarding with Gordon and Craig Tovey (Gordon Peterson is the best instructor ever and both Craig and Gordon were so patient as I got it down)

The Park City commute (I loved pulling into work and watching people snowboarding and skiing down the slopes above our office)

Snowballs, snowballs, snowballs (I've made and successfully landed dozens of snowball deliveries to unsuspecting victims including a snowball which smacked Brooke right in the kisser one night before dinner. The result was a lot of laughing, a bit of crying and me making up for it as best I could)

Sledding with Craig Tovey last week (there's nothing better than watching two grown men ride and deflate inner tubes off ice ramps in the cold December evening)

Maeby's first winter and all the yellow snow (You know what else is awesome, when she poops I just cover it with snow and "ta da!!!" the poop disappears!)

Probably the greatest thing has been snowflakes. It wasn't until 1997 when I first saw snow fall. I was in Provo in the MTC. I was actually a little shocked at how small snowflakes were. (My only childhood memory of snowflakes were made of paper and they were huge by comparison)

I see the winter as a wonderful novelty. Worth the cold, the slipping and sliding. Hopefully in the future we'll be in a place where we'll have snow again.

And then there's this guy...